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Eat fried food at MAMI with Lady

I like to walk around Rome, even more since I uploaded a pedometer on my iPhone. I’m definitely addicted, I’m constantly checking how many steps I’ve already done for the day.

Anyway, after all this walking stuff, my stomach starts moaning, asking for help. It’s time to eat something good.

During my recent stroll in Piazza Navona, I decided to stop for lunch at MAMI in Via della Pace.


MAMI is a takeaway, but if you arrive just a few minutes before lunch time, you can seat inside and enjoy the nice design of this little food shop.


If you love pizza as I do, you will find a lot of choices there, even if you are vegan.


48 hour of rising means a very tasty and easy to digest pizza. They make also dough with vegetable carbon, Khorasan grain or buckwheat.


Let’s talk about the real reason why I went to MAMI: the fried food!

Stuffed calzones, tasty buns, titbits, “flutes”,  parmigiana, deliciously stuffed focaccia bread , “tulips” amatriciana or carbonara style, arancini, supplì, potato croquettes, artichokes, zucchini, codfish filets and zucchini flowers are a few of the many delicacies I found in MAMI’s menu.

So, that was a hard choice, but someone had to do it!


I ordered aubergine balls and tempura of artichokes.


I couldn’t resist at the pizza, so I chose a healthy one, with mozzarella and friarielli.

I have to admit, all was really delicious. The aubergine balls, enriched with mozzarella, were soft and savoury. The artichokes were fresh and crisp. The pizza was perfect.

I really enjoyed my lunch at MAMI! I will go back soon.


Via della Pace, 27/A

00186 Roma

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