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What to see in Campidoglio with Lady

Last time I went to Capitoline Hill ( Campidoglio) it was June 2 of two years ago. That time we had the chance to go inside the Mayor of Rome office, enjoy a special view of the Roman Forum and visit the Musei Capitolini.

During my University years, I spent there many summer evenings with my friends playing hide and seek. Maybe we were a little childish, but it was just amazing hiding surrounded by history.

Last week I met a friend in Piazza Venezia and we decide to go up to the Capitoline Hill for a walk and a lunch. If you happen to go there, follow my tips!


1. From the stairs, called the Cordonata, take a look at the beauty of the Theatre of  Marcellus (Teatro Marcello).


2. When you arrive, explore the trapezoidal square, designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti, and take some pictures at the replica of the statue of Marcus Aurelius, the original one is inside of the Palazzo dei Conservatori (on the right). Behind Marcus Aurelius find the Palazzo Senatorio, now the Rome city hall.


3. Don’t forget to see the Palazzo Nuovo is on the left side and if you have time, go to visit the Musei Capitolini.


4. Take a picture at La Lupa e Romolo e Remo ( She-wolf and Romulus and Remus) just outside the Palazzo Senatorio, but remember that the most famous statue is inside the Musei Capitolini.


5. Walk and then take some time to feel like in Ancient Rome.


This is the Roman Forum!


6. Go back and go to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli from the ancient entrance.


The church is in Roman-Gothic style. Among the chapels, you can find the San Bernardino’s, painted by Pinturicchio.


If you’re a fan of football, you’ll like to know that Francesco Totti, the Roma football team captain, married Ilary  Blasi in this church.


The Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli is one of the locations of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.



7. When you start to feel hungry, that’s the time for another little walk to Terrazza Caffarelli.


From there you can discover another view of Rome

Ph. credits: Caffè Capitolino

And then have a snack at Caffè Capitolino.


Obviously, at that time the camera battery was dead, but I promise you, the Tiramisù was incredible!

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