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Make a wish in Fontana di Trevi with Lady

Some time ago, I heard that some people come to Rome and forget to visit Fontana di Trevi. It’s just that Piazza di Trevi is a little hidden between Piazza Barberini and Via del Corso and at the end of the day, after a long walk, you realise that you missed it and you don’t have enough time to go back there.


When I want to feel on holiday, I just pop in  Fontana di Trevi. I know that the place will be incredibly crowded. Happy people taking pictures and enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of Fontana di Trevi.


If you happen to be there, you can’t go away without making a wish. It’s a tradition. Take a seat around the fountain, when you find one, and with your right hand throw a coin and make your wish.


Fontana di Trevi is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. I hope you have the time to admire the incredible architecture and the white statues of Travertine stone.


The history of Fontana di Trevi is very interesting. The fountain is the terminal point of Acqua Vergine, one of the aqueducts that supplied water to ancient Rome.


Nowadays the fountain is famous especially for Federico Fellini‘s film La dolce vita.


If you like souvenirs, here you can find all the kitschiest pieces of Rome.


If you’re lucky enough to find some place to rest, just look around and enjoy the view. It will be unforgettable!


I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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