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Eat vegan at Flower Burger with Lady

During my walks in Rome, I always try to find new places to spend the lunch break eating good food. With Claudia, my partner in crime, I decided to try Flower Burger.


Just a few steps from Saint Peter’s Basilica, Flower Burger opened last October and became soon the favourite place to eat not only for vegans but also for all the people who want to stay healthy.

flowerburger-4Once inside, I’ve been very impressed with the location. On the right, there’s a big black wall with messages to healthy eating,


on the left, there’s a big mirror (perfect for a selfie).


The wooden tables and the stools of different colours made me happy!

Flower Burger is a veganburgheria. They sell exquisite vegan burgers. The bread is homemade: you can find the yellow bun with turmeric, the black one with charcoal and the bun with 7 cereals.


Funny names for tasty burgers: Tofungo with smoked tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad and sauce, Spicy Cecio with chickpeas burger, tartare of Tropea’s onions, tomatoes, salad, spinach and spicy sauce, Classic Cecio with chickpeas burger, salad, tomatoes and Flower mayo , Cheesy Cecio with chickpeas burger, salad, tomatoes, Flower cheese and Tartarella sauce, and finally Flower Burger with seitan burger, salad, bean sprouts, tomato confit, Flower cheddar and peppers sauce. And finally Patate Savory, oven baked spicy potatoes.


I decided for a Spicy Cecio with Patate Savory. The burgers came in a wooden tray and they are enormous! The bread was from heaven, I can’t describe it, it was simply perfect and the chickpeas burger with Tropea’s onions were extremely savoury. I loved the spicy potatoes, but I was so full I had to leave some on the tray.

A very perfect lunch! I can’t wait to go back to Flower Burger and try the other burgers!

Flower Burger                                                                                                             Veganburgheria Homemade                                                                                                            Via dei Gracchi, 87                                                                                                                            Roma

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