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Explore Roseto di Roma with Lady

It’s definitely Spring when Roseto Comunale di Roma opens its doors to the people.

I went to visit this beautiful garden many times but also many years ago. It was time to go back. I chose the 1 of May for the visit. And I wasn’t the only one!


Roseto di Roma is rose garden located on Aventine Hill and just in front of Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo). Inside you can find 1.100 types of roses from around the world.




You just need to walk and enjoy the beauty of these roses.






I already know that I have to go back there soon. On 20 of May, there will be an annual competition, the Premio Rose, to award the best rose of the year and I’m very curious about it. Furthermore, I will be able to explore the second area of Roseto, where the competition is held, closed to the public until 21 of May.




Roseto di Roma has a very interesting story. In this area, very close to the Ghetto,  since 1645 until 1934 was the Jewish cemetery in Rome. Then, thanks to the interest of Countess Mary Gayley Senni, the place became a garden. She also designed the original path with 300 roses. In memory of the Jewish cemetery, the footpaths of the garden were designed as a reproduction of the Menorah.



roseto-30Some people started a rose hunting, looking for their favourite rose. Hard job to find them between 1.100 types of roses!


I did a different game and I chose my favourite rose. What do you think?


Roseto di Roma is a free garden.

Open from 21 of April to 19 of June , every day (including Sundays and holidays)           8.30 am-7.30 pm

How to get there

Take line B of Metropolitana di Roma and get off at Circo Massimo Station


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