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Walk in Campo de’ Fiori with Lady

Campo de’ Fiori is one of my favourite places in Rome. Just a few steps from the magnificent Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori every morning hosts a market.

Since 1869 it was a flower and fish market. Now together with the colourful flowers stalls, they sell also food and accessories.


You can’t resist buying a flower bouquet!


I had one with this marvellous roses and peonies.


I am always tempted by the selection of pasta from every corner of Italy.



Campo de’ Fiori is the right place if you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetables and if like me, you love juices and smoothies.


Around the square, I like to visit the historical food shops with the original old signs.


I’m a cheese addict and I often pay a visit to this amazing stall.


They sell a variety of cheese from all Italy and I like to buy a new one every time I go.


This time I went for this Blu di Capra con Mirtilli e Miele displayed in the picture. Simply mouthwatering!


This bunch of red pepper is a must see, we all need some good luck!


They have pumpkins, perfectly displayed for taking pictures.



In the middle od the square there’s a statue of a monk, facing with a severe face the Vatican.


It’s the philosopher Giordano Bruno that at this exact point of the square was burnt alive for heresy on 17 February 1600.


The statue was erected in 1889 to show respect to a martyr to freedom of thoughts. There’s an inscription on the base of the statue: To Bruno – the century predicted by him – here where the fire burned.


A little curiosity: Campo de’ Fiori is the only square in Rome without a church.

I hope you enjoyed my walk in Campo de’ Fiori.

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