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Eat at Bag Caffè with Lady

During one of my recent strolls around central Rome, just when my stomach started to growl, I found the perfect place for a lunch.


I have a huge passion for bagels and, to be honest, there aren’t many places in Rome where you can find the perfect one. So, when I spotted this big bagel at the window, I decided to go in and give it a try.


Bag Caffè is a little shop in the very centre of Rome, in Via della Scrofa, perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Soon I discovered that it opened just two months ago, but it was already heaving with happy people trying to decide what to eat.


Alessia, the owner, was very happy to show us ( I was with my best friend) the incredible menu, full of delicacies. They serve a selection of the best prosciutto, mortadella and cheese from Alto Adige and Toscana.


It was so difficult to decide! Finally, we chose a GARBATELLA Bagel with Levoni mortadella, ricotta mousse with pistachio, and rocket


and ROMANELLA Rustic baguette with Levoni mortadella, cheese cream and pepper and grilled courgettes.


They have also a big choice for vegans and vegetarians with bagels with tofu and vegetables, salads, smoothies and fruit and vegetable extracts.


The doughnuts are simply amazing!


I couldn’ resist and I had to indulge in a yummy muffin with chocolate.


To complete our lunch, we drunk a fantastic Brazilian coffee. It was an amazing foodie experience and I will go back to Bag Caffé soon.

And I already know what I’ll be ordering: bagel with mozzarella and courgettes marinated with mint.

Bag Caffè
Via della Scrofa, 20



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