Lady's Rome Explorations

A walk in the centre of Rome with Lady

This is one of the best times of the year to discover the beauties of Rome. The sun shines and for the most part of the day, you can just wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

So, last week I took a stroll in the centre of Rome. It’s been an easy walk, just to enjoy the squares and the monuments.

Once arrived at Piazza di Spagna,


I met a friend at Babington’s Tea Room for breakfast and then, recharged of energy, I started my walk.


Piazza di Spagna is always very crowded and I had to wait my turn to take some pictures of Barcaccia. This fountain is one of the masterpieces of Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. 

walk-roma- barcaccia.jpg

Then I stopped to see the Spanish Steps after the renovation.


I walked to Piazza Mignanelli where, in the centre, the Column of the Immaculate Conception stands.

walk-roma- colonnaimmacolata.jpg

I made my way through the alleys and arrived at Galleria Alberto Sordi, once called Colonna. This is the right place for shopping time.

walk-roma- galleria-colonna.jpg

Once outside the Galleria Alberto Sordi, I passed by the Colonna Antonina in Piazza Colonna.

walk-roma- colonnaantonina.jpg

After a little walk in the pedestrian area, I finally arrived at Piazza della Rotonda famous because of the Pantheon.

walk-roma- piazzadellarotonda.jpg

Now a church, once the Pantheon was a Roman Temple.

walk-roma- pantheonfacciata

Its fame comes from the uniqueness of the large circular domed cella with a conventional temple portico front.

walk-roma- bucopantheon

The Pantheon is also the site of important burials. Even the painter Raffaello was buried there.

walk-roma- pantheon

Walking through the alleys around Piazza della Rotonda, I stopped to San Luigi dei Francesi church. 

walk-roma- slf-altarewalk-roma- slf-predicatore

The church, in Baroque style, is famous for the cycle of paintings in the Contarelli Chapel in 1599–1600 about the life of Saint Matthew, painted by Caravaggio

walk-roma- slf-caravaggio

Then it was time for me to go home and I headed to Via della Fontanella Borghese

walk-roma- fontanella-borghese.jpg

Via dei Condotti and then again to Piazza di Spagna


I hope you enjoyed this little walk in the centre of Rome!






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