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Eat at Mercato Centrale with Lady

A lunch with one of my best friends was the perfect occasion to visit Mercato Centrale, the new food “temple” at Stazione Termini.

At the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about the location. Stazione Termini is a difficult place, not very secure nor enough clean, but I was surprised by the new aspect of the area. Thanks to an important refurbishment Stazione Termini has become a nice place for shopping and eating.

Mercato Centrale opened last October but has already become one of the favourite places for the food lovers. After a quick look at the totem with the list of the food shops, we started our tour of the arcade.

Mercato Centrale, Roma
Mercato Centrale, Roma

There are 18 shops (botteghe) where you can buy delicatessen from the best names in the food world.  I fell literally in love for the focacce and the mouthwatering desserts you find as you enter the arcade.

Focacce, Gabriele Bonci
Desserts, Luca Veralli

In the centre, there is an impressive hood where the bar is located: is the famous Cappa Mazzoniana, designed in 1930 by the architect Angiolo Mazzoni.

Cappa Mazzoniana
Mercato Centrale, Cappa Mazzoniana

We continued the tour and I was more and more confused by the inviting look of the products displayed in the botteghe.


Sicilian Desserts, Carmelo Pannocchietti
Veg&Veg, Marcella Bianchi
Cheese, Beppe Giovale
Fresh fish, Famiglia Galluzzi
Pizza, Pier Daniele Seu
Fresh Pasta, Egidio Michelis




Chocolate, Pierangelo Fanti
Mercato Centrale, Roma

After this amazing journey in Mercato Centrale, it was time to decide what to eat. I chose to eat chips and an enormous Mozzarella in Carrozza with anchovies while my friend took a Chianina hamburger. We drunk Moretti beer.

Mozzarella in Carrozza and chips, Martino Bellincampi
Chianina, Enrico Lagorio

I’m very particular with Mozzarella in Carrozza as is one of my favourite fried food, but I was delighted by its taste and crispness.

Chianina hamburger, Enrico Lagorio

The hamburger was really delicious even if just some salad and no sauce. The meat was so tender and juicy.

We took away a little White Sacher Torte made by  Carmelo Pannocchietti.

Dessert Cremilla, Carmelo Pannocchietti
Moretti Bar
Mercato Centrale, Roma
Mercato Centrale, Roma
Mercato Centrale, Roma
Mercato Centrale, Roma

It was all extremely tasty and wouldn’t hesitate in going again for lunch or dinner. I can’t wait to try all the other deliciousness.

It’s a great hotspot to know about in Stazione Termini. The location couldn’t be more perfect and we loved it.

Mercato Centrale, Roma
Mercato Centrale, Roma

Oh, I was forgetting! There’s a second floor with a restaurant, la tavola, il vino e la dispensa, run by the chefs Oliver Glowig and Salvatore De Gennaro. It worth a special visit…next time!

Mercato Centrale

Via Giolitti, 36

Roma Termini Station







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