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A winter walk in Lido di Ostia with Lady

Welcome to A Lady in Rome!

As my first post, I want to introduce you to the place where I currently live. Rome is not just Colosseo (Colosseum) or Piazza di Spagna (Spanish steps). Rome is made of neighbourhoods with different stories and architecture.

In one of these neighbourhoods, you can even lay on the beach and swim in Mar Tirreno. This place is Lido di Ostia.

As I wrote before, I’ve been living in Ostia, this is the common name for Lido di Ostia, for 5 years. However I still have many places to discover in this area of Rome and in my spare time, I go hunting for new gems.

Ostia is best known for its beaches and is usually called “Mare di Roma”, being located along the coast and about 30 km from the centre of Rome. This means that especially on the weekends Ostia is crowded with people searching for a place in the sun

Lido di Ostia: the beach in winter

or eating at one of the several restaurants located along the beach and in the pedestrian zone of the town, Piazza Anco Marzio.

Lido di Ostia: Piazza Anco Marzio

Here I am with some tips to have a winter walk in Ostia.


1. Breakfast on the beach

What’s better than starting the day with a yummy breakfast on the beach?

Breakfast on the beach at Il Curvone

2. Feel the sea breeze at Pontile

After a breakfast on the beach, you can have a walk on Pontile, a pedestrian pier, where you can feel the sea breeze and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Lido di Ostia: Pontile
Lido di Ostia: Pontile on winter Sunday morning
Lido di Ostia: Pontile
Lido di Ostia: Compass Rose
Lido di Ostia: the view from Pontile

3. Discover the 1920’s architecture in Lido di Ostia

What I enjoy more is walking in the heart of Ostia where you can find beautiful houses designed by famous architect since 1920.

Lido di Ostia: colourful buildings in Via della Pineta

While you’re walking, you can find many buildings painted in red and yellow.

Lido di Ostia: red and yellow building in Via Angelo Celli
Lido di Ostia: red and yellow building in Via della Pineta


Lido di Ostia: red and yellow building in Piazzale della Posta

Palazzo del Pappagallo was designed by the architect Mario Marchi in 1929. Yellow, green, red and white are the colours of this eclectic building, coloured like a parrot.

Lido di Ostia: Palazzo del Pappagallo

Once known as Villini Rossini, Villini Papagni represent a style called Barocchetto.

Lido di Ostia: Villini Papagni (1927)

Walking through Via Duca di Genova, you can see another example of Barocchetto style. The architect Camillo Palmerini designed these buildings in 1926. At that time they were council houses.


case popolari-1.jpg
Lido di Ostia: Council houses (1926)



case popolari-2.jpg
Lido di Ostia: Council houses (1926)



Lido di Ostia: Via della Stazione Vecchia

4. Have lunch in Piazza Anco Marzio

If you happen to be hungry, you can seat at one of the restaurants in Piazza Anco Marzio and enjoy your meal.


Lido di Ostia: restaurant in Piazza Anco Marzio

5. Eat the best krapfen in the  world at Paglia’s 

You can’t miss the best krapfen in the world. Paglia is making krapfen since 1935. It seems that the best krapfen is the one with apricot jam. Have a try!


Lido di Ostia: Bar Paglia



Krapfen Paglia (photo credits

6. Watch the sunset on the beach

And when the evening comes, go to the beach and watch the sunset and its beautiful colours.


Lido di Ostia: sunset on the beach



How to reach Ostia by public transport

From Porta San Paolo station (Piramide): take the train Roma-Lido, get off at Lido Centro and enjoy your walk

From Termini station: take the linea B metro to Laurentina, get off at Porta San Paolo (Piramide) then take the train Roma-Lido until you reach Lido Centro, then enjoy your walk

From Tiburtina station: take the linea B metro to Laurentina, get off at Porta San Paolo (Piramide) then take the train Roma-Lido until you reach Lido Centro, then enjoy your walk

It takes about 30 minutes to get from Porta San Paolo (Piramide) to Lido Centro.

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